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Tanya-Lee Keiki
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Christmas Island
:bulletpink: About Me:
Hi Everybody! I have a pair of rose-colored glasses glued to my face! “Pink” pretty much describes my life! I have a wonderful girlfriend names Emma, who is just the opposite of me! I love running and practice gymnastics and other flexibility training for two hours every day! I have four adorable kitties and Ozzy is my baby! I find fun in just about everything I do and people say I have a 10,000 megawatt smile :D

*Running and being hyperactive
*Cute things and the color pink
*Gymnastics and other fun flippy stuff

*Mean people (besides Emma XD)

:heart: About “Tanyemma” :heart:

“Tanyemma” is basically what I call all the art featuring me and girlfriend Emma!

:D Tanya-Lee + Emma = Tanyemma :D

We’ve been going out since October 7th but we’ve known each other practically since we were born! Even though we live 2 hours away from each other we get to see each other at least once a month because of the special school we go to on Sundays once a month. Emma is my polar opposite, she doesn’t really care for fun, being cute or pink stuff and she is way too serious and wears blazer jackets a lot (which drive me crazy cause the so stiff you couldn’t even do a backbend while wearing one!) Emma is a very interesting girl, she is freakishly dominant and if she’s not in charge then someones gonna get hurt XD But no matter how many repelling qualities she has I love her no matter what! :love:

TANYEMMA ART HERE!!!------> walkingonsunshineyay.deviantar… <-------YAY!!!


:heart: :heart: :heart: :iconmumoshi: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hi guys! Just to let you all know, I actually am alive! I  can't believe I haven't been on dA since December, wow! So I think I'll just catch you all up with everything that's been going on since I last posed. Starting with the beginning of winter break! :D
I had a wonderful fun time with Emma and it was probably one of the best 4 days of my life! :love: But so much happened so I only wanna write about the main points. And here… we… go! :D

It's funny how on here I really only talk about Emma. I do have school friends, really! XD This year I have a lot of different friends from last year. At school my best friends are probably a girl names Lauren and a fun guy named Kai. Kai does the comic in the school paper, called 'Darnit Claudia' (lol it used to be called 'Dammit Claudia' but the teachers thought that was too inappropriate) and basically the comic is just about a girl named Claudia, which is my name in our French class, who messes stuff up but in a funny way and the last line is always 'Dammit Claudia' and I think it's funny because Kai's comic is inspired by weird stuff I do, that's why he is like my best friend. Anyways I live really close to the school so I walk home, and everyday I say bye-bye to my friends and I leave to walk home and they all leave to get picked up or walk to the busses. On this particular day I was saying bye to Kai and because I probably wasn't going to see him for a while I gave him a BIGGG hug. And when I say bye to Lauren she always has me give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Of course after I turned around to walk through the pick-up area to leave there was none other than the beautiful  Emma! Lisa had drove her a little earlier to surprise me by picking me up at school! As soon as I saw her of course I ran up to her and gave her a big hug but I prayed that she hadn't seen me say bye to people because Emma can be VERY jealous! So we drove to my house to pick up my bag and drop off my backpack and I thought I had been lucky and maybe Emma hadn't seen anything. But as we started to drive to her house I noticed she was acting a little off. Like Lisa said "How was your day at school Tanya?" and Emma said "I'm sure Tanya had a great day with all her good friends" and then she kinda grinned weirdly at me and I KNEW she had seen me say goodbye! I talked to her mom for most of the car ride and when I tried to hold Emma's hand she held mine but dug her nails into my hand really hard. The whole car ride I had butterflies in my stomach cause I was afraid of what Emma would do when we were at her house! I had thought Lisa saved me when she said that Emma's parents were going to a Christmas party at the neighbor's house and that Emma and I could go if we wanted. But then Emma said she was tired and wanted to stay home and how I wouldn't want to go alone so we weren't going. So apparently it was just gonna be me and Emmy  and apparently Kurt had his girlfriend Ashley over to watch movies. The whole thing just made me more nervous!
So we got home and Emma's parents had to go. I said hi to Kurt and I got to meet Ashley, who is actually really sweet and super pretty!  Then Emma took me upstairs to her room to set my bag down, but I knew she had a lot of other things in mind. I asked her "Emmy are you mad at me?" but I think I already knew the answer to that question. Okay now cause I don't feel like writing anything dirty I'm just gonna cut it here and say I learned my lesson! XD
Throughout the week we did a ton of fun stuff! On Wednesday night they took me out to eat dinner in the space needle and it was SO FUN! On Thursday we mostly did errands and I went grocery shopping alone with Lisa and she was asking me all these questions about Emma and she said 'I'm worried that Emma's to serious' and I was all like lol well yeah buts that's just her personality  XD The best part was that we got to sleep together for three nights in a row :heart: I know I talk about this a lot but it's the best feeling in the world to be all snuggled up next to the bravest person in the world :giggle:
Then sadly on Friday all the fun ended when my parents got back from Canada and everyones fun ended :(

Now I'm skipping to Christmas :D I had an awesome Christmas and my favorite things I got were an Alice in wonderland costume and my dark brotherhood hairbow :heart: I hope everyone on here had awesome Christmases too!!! :)

After Christmas I got sick with pneumonia and I missed my best friend, The wonderful Mumoker :iconmumoshi:'s 13th Birthday! Happy happy extremely late birthday to youuuu :sing: :hug:

I think the last thing I'll talk about is how Emmy and I had a pretty fun time at the Sunday School in January :D They gave us these huge Barrons Book of Colleges and they are as big as my head! XD Besides Emmy, there's a lot of other really nice kids in our schedule! Mia, Jen, and Brooke are three super sweet girls that I was talking to throughout the classes :heart: Emmy wasn't to happy about that, she doesn't really like making new friends XD I think it's hard not to make new friends! :D
Okay so now that my arm is all worn out I think I'll just say thank you so much for reading this long journal! This weekend I will be at Lauren's church camp's Winterfest so I won't be back until Sunday afternoon, which is my birthday!!! :party:

Thanks for reading this!

Tanya-Lee :heart:

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